Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blackberry Storm 9530 User Guide

Blackberry Storm 9530 User Guide-RIM’s media-darling BlackBerry 9530 Storm is almost upon us. With pricing schedules leaked out and user guides already strewn across the various internets, there’s little we don’t know about the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Storm smartphone.
Blackberry Storm 9530 User Guide

As the first touchscreen BlackBerry to come through RIM’s Waterloo-based headquarters, the smartphone maker has a lot riding on the success of the BlackBerry 9530 Storm. And, so, it looks like RIM has done away with their veil of secrecy and launched an official BlackBerry Storm online user guide for public consumption.

The user guide doesn’t really tell us anything new, but it’s good to see RIM taking a proactive approach and acknowledging the power of viral marketing. If anything, the online user guide is fun to peruse, have at it!

Download PDF Blackberry Storm 9530 User Guide

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