Monday, July 30, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 User Guide PDF

Nokia Lumia 710 User Guide PDF-Lumia can be regarded as "new face" Nokia in the smartphone world. Nokia used to rely on its Symbian operating system from ordinary mobile phones to smartphones series. Nokia Lumia is different because it no longer using Symbian. Instead, choose Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 that is predicted will bring success in the world Lumia Nokia smartphone, to compete with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.
Nokia Lumia 710 User Guide PDF
In terms of design, there is nothing special with the Nokia Lumia 710. Glimpse of her body shape similar to Nokia series N9, without sliding keypad. Three quick access buttons are available at the front to guide you to open your home page (home), search, and the function keys back (back). The power button is placed at the top, parallel to the microUSB port for data and audio jack / handsfree. Can be found on the right side of the volume button and the shutter release (the camera).

The design may seem unusual, but wait until it sees Windows Phone 7.5 is a mainstay. Mango is an operating system interface using the Metro to share information in the form of a box that always displays the latest changes from Windows Live account, as is the new MSN chat messages, e-mail, news feed, photo viewer, and so forth. Talking pictures, he is equipped with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera complete with LED flash next to it. The quality is good, both for photos and video.

Nokia Lumia 710 Scorpion 1.4 GHz processor with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset. Grafi s Adreno 205 chip in the device plays a very important role when the operating system and display animated 3D game. When PCplus trial, the combination of all these components produce a memorable experience while playing the game.

Download Nokia Lumia 710 User Guide PDF

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