Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Engine Throttle Adaptor Package 250-4234 1994 Toyota Celica 1.8L

Toyota Automobile Parts User Manual for Toyota Throttle Adaptor Package 250-4234 Automobile Parts. This Toyota automobile parts user manual is available in PDF file format within 2 pages and describes about 1994 Toyota Celica 1.8L Engine Throttle Adaptor Package 250-4234.

I. Remove the throttle shaft nut and lock washer from the throttle shaft. Install the Bracket- Throttle Lever
on the throttle shaft. Reinstall the lock washer and hex nut, and torque the nut to 60-72 In/Lbs (5-6Ft./Lbs).
Loosen the automatic kick down bracket jam nut. Loosen only the nut shown in Figure I. Install Bracket-
Cable between the automatic kick down bracket and the jam nut previously loosened. Re-tighten jam nut
ensuring that Bracket -Cable is held securely in place.
MANUAL TRANSMISSION: Install Bracket-Cable on automatic kick down bracket using the Bolt and Nut. Tighten Nut ensuring that Bracket-Cable is held securely in place.
3. Remove the Snap-In-Adaptor from the Cruise Control Kit.
4. Remove the Adjustable Sleeve from the Cruise Control Cable and discard.

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